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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Dream Job of a Lifetime

How would you like to have the dream job of a lifetime? Long hours, no recognition, close to competitive wages, and you get to carry a gun.

The first season of The Company Apprentice is going to be starting soon. The Company is looking for any and all viable job candidates, no matter what Universe you're from. Special and non-special alike! Do you have what it takes to battle it out, not only in the field, but in the boardroom as well?

Now is the chance to find out. Sign up for the upcoming competition by commenting here or send an email to


  1. This is melthefishy from Twitter, and I so want to do this.

  2. Finally, a chance to wear my legendary 31 power ties -- simultaneously!

    Sign me up, poste haste-y like!

  3. omg - what am I setting myself up for?

    ah, what the heck, I need a new challenge right now...