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Monday, June 29, 2009


Hello and welcome to what is sure to be a huge hit. This is the first season of The Company Apprentice. Your favorite heroes and villains are about to compete against each other for the dream job of a lifetime. Big and small names alike are coming here to do battle, on the streets and in the boardroom. They've faced mutants. They've faced Jedi. They've faced rabid dingos. But now they're about to face me, Noah Bennet.

For over fifteen years I've been in the clandestine organization business, working my way up the ranks. I've worked out of New York City, the Ukraine, Texas, Haiti and so many more undisclosed locations. And now I'm here in the heart of Manhattan to find the ideal candidate to help run my next venture: a super-secret, ultra-clandestine, mysteriously-elite organization known as The Company.

Here to help me decide are the only two people I can somewhat trust. They will be my eyes (I don't just wear these glasses to be mysterious, after all) and ears in the field. Their opinions are important, but ultimately I'm the one who says, "You're fired!"

On my left is my beautiful and talented daughter, Claire. She's as destructible as she is intelligent.

"Oh, my god! Like, I so don't know any of you guys! What's a Star Wars? This is going to be, like, fun. I hope you all do great and totally save the world!"

And at my right is my right-hand man, The Haitian. If I had a son, I'd hope he would be half the man The Haitian is, and twice as literate. The Haitian is dependable, and I've been working with him for most of my clandestine career.


He doesn't talk much.

Contestants are already arriving here in midtown Manhattan at the world-famous Kirby Plaza, and site of a near-Apocalypse. They will share a luxurious penthouse on the top floor of this 52-story architectural masterpiece.

Soon, they will be divided into two teams and issued their first challenge: picking a team name and their first Project Manager.

Watch as they go head-to-head over the next few weeks. Only one will become The Company Apprentice! It's gonna be huge!


  1. Whoop de doo you got your own game spectacle breath. I'm only playing cause if I didn't you wouldn't have any blog games this year.


    Dingoes thats all you can say about Australia isn't it dingoes. There's more dangerous things in Australia than dingoes. My Mum for one.

  2. I can't wait to see who get's mind wiped first.

  3. uhhh. Ignore the above comment, that may have been an impostor Congressman.

  4. Ew. We have to SHARE a penthouse? How low class is that?

  5. @Nepharia: It's got nearly 5 bedrooms.

    @Nathan: You should be back home under surveillance...for your protection, Senator.

  6. oye!

    5 bedrooms for how may?!

    I hope there's more than one bathroom...that alone could get ugly.

  7. I call the Master Bedroom. I do hold several doctorates.

  8. I *will* share a room with Xavier.... Prof, you up for it?

  9. I shall make a nest in the dumbwaiter, and guard your food with my life.