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Thursday, July 2, 2009

The ol' Cankuckle Head arrives.

The name's Logan, but ya can all call me Wolverine. Luckily this joint ain't to far from Xavier's institute. marvel wants me ta promote myself in this game show,eh it beats bein' on five superhero teams at once. Maybe I can actually relax some.

Some skinny lookin' man who reminds me of a monkey maybe it's the bell hop uniform, tries to carry my bags. If I had just carried them myself it wouldn't have taken an hour to get up to the flamin' penthouse.

" Sir? what do you have in those bags?" He chatters.

I growl " on a need to know basis bub, and you don't." Well it's beer cigar, and snacks, but I don't like the way this looks. " Ya ain't a saiyan are ya?"

" No sir!" He yells way to cheerily for this early in the morning.

" Good I hate saiyans." I grab a up my bags and start to go inside when monkey boy puts his hand in my face. " Sir what about my tip?"

" For wastin' my time? I got three for ya!"

He screamed like a girl and soiled himself. I ain't cleanin' the floor up so I don't care.

I ran into Charles Xavier, I just had to say it. " What's up Chuck? Heh."

That always annoys Baldy, he rolls his eyes and starts up with the " Why are you here Logan?" routine. " You're one of the things I want to escape from on these shows."

I light up a cigar. " I thought you were just escapin' the paternity suits some O' the students filed against ya."

The camera men all zoomed in on Chuck. " Logan I would appreciate if you didn't spread these unfounded, and malicious rumors. What are you doing?"

" Gettin' comfortable." I shrug takin' off my shirt.

he rubs his fore head like he's gotta headache. " Logan there's only five rooms up here, I'm sure not everyone wants to see you shirtless, including me."

" Too bad for them eh? So there's only a small amount of room huh?" He nods in answer.. " Well I'd better start markin' my territory now."

" You... Don't mean that you're going to...Logan you're disgusting." He wheels out to another room. Yeah this is gonna be fun.


  1. Wolvie, you're here!

    Just in time, can I borrow one of your claws to open this beer can?

  2. Hmm...I should have thought about possible damage to furniture when selecting candidates.

  3. I may be a Saiyan. But I ain't sayin'.

  4. No wait!!! I want to see you shirtless!

  5. Naw. My skin just grew back after bein' blasted off