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Friday, July 24, 2009

Spirited Away

Jon has a drinking problem. He doesn't want to admit it; however, I have to admit he has good taste in the spirits he chooses to imbibe. I'm especially fond of that stuff he brought back after his mission to the multiverse: Irish Whiskey, I believe he called it. Although, it actually comes from Ireland...which is on Earth...from the same time period in which he lives. Why did he have to go to the multiverse to get that? Hmmmmmm....

But Jon's idea of a kidnapping sounded more like a weekend of shop-lifting at Wal-Mart -- a lot of fun but the merchandise you get isn't going to be worth much. But, hey, he's El Jefe this week and what he says goes...for now.

He also is clearly oblivious to the fact that in my universe we do not have any type of "teleporter" thingy other than a shuttle. I had to go find Jean-Luc, who was way out in BFE this week, and beg to have Geordy install a small one on my ship before I even began my part of this week's challenge.

Once done, I took my ship and landed on the roof of the Primatech Paper company -- they had a rather nice landing pad all layed out. The helicopter that was there did prove to be an obstacle, but a few well-placed shots from the laser canon resolved that issue. I only had to navigate around a few remaning pieces to to safely land.

Walking down the ramp, I was met by a rather distraught official and an armed security guard with his gun aimed at my chest.

"You completely obliterated Mr. Bennett's personal transport!" the official said.

I looked at the remaining pieces still on the deck.

"Oh, that hunk of junk?" I said, then motioned back at my own ship. "I brought him a replacement that is much better. I didn't think he'd mind a small demonstration of what it's capable."

The official seemed to calm down and the guard put his weapon back in it's holster.

"Is he in?" I asked, hold up a set of car keys that I lifted from Koma earlier that day, "I'd like to give him the keys."

The official backed off a bit then a look of recognition came over his face. "Hey, I know you," he began. "Your one of the contestants in that Apprentice gig that the boss is holding."

I nodded and smiled. "Yes, that's right."

The guy looked up at my ship and then back at me. "She's really nice. I hope this big a bribe gets you what you want in the contest -- but I'm not sure if it will guarantee that you will win."

I smiled once again. "You're right," I answered, then turned on my heels and walked over to the stairs and into the building.

No one in the building seemed to think I was out of place. An odd person or two asked me if I needed help, and they were nice enough to point in the right direction to Bennett's office.

I quietly slipped into his office and saw him reclining in his chair, looking reflectively out the windows. He turned to see me standing by the door.

"How did you get in here?" Bennett asked.

"I let myself in," I answered.

"What do you want?" Bennett asked.

"I'm here for you," I said, moving forward.

He smiled. "Business or pleasure?" he asked.

"Oh," I began, "This is both." I straddled his legs and sat down on his knees. He stiffened noticeably when I did so.

"Nepharia," he began, "this type of approach will not win you any points in my boardroom."

I reached up and put my hands on his shoulders then slid them down the full length of his arms to his wrists. Taking them in my hands I brought them up and to my chest: Bennett became even more uncomfortable, but he did not withdraw from my grasp.

"I'm not looking for what you think," I answered. Before he knew it, I had cuffed his hands together.

"Whah??" he said. I immediately stood up and removed a roll of duct tape from my belt.

"If you think I was actually going to try and give sexual favors for your help in this week's assignment, you are sorely mistaken," I said. "Now, if I can use sex as a distraction when working another plan, I will use it every time because it works: you men are so predictable."

That was when I placed a strip of duct tape across his mouth and around him and the chair, making his seated position rather permanent for the time being.

Then, I removed my outer cloak, revealing a garment that accentuated my best assets. Laying my cloak across his lap, I moved around the back of his chair and began wheeling him out of his office and down the hall toward the roof.

Whenever we met the occasional person, and they asked the obvious question, "What are you doing?"

I would coyly reply, "Why, I'm kidnapping Mr. Bennett, of course."

The strange thing is, everyone seemed to think that it was perfectly ok and I didn't have to use Force mind tricks on any one to make them believe it was an innocent S&M-style kidnapping. Which leads me to actually wonder, what does Bennett do in his spare time when I'm not kidnapping him. And does his wife know?

Getting him up the stairs and into the ship was easy enough (hey, I'm a Sith, remember?). The short trip back to the warehouse and an easy teleport and I was off for Miller Time. Actually, I had lifted a 5th of that Irish Whiskey Jon brought back and I killed a better part of it when I got back to my room.

No early wake up calls for me folk.


  1. Well of course I knew you'd have to get a transporter, heh heh, don't be silly. Good job and the snatch and grab.