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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Henchy's guide to kidnapping.

Ladies and Gents,

At first I was planning to the job and frame Jon for it. He just dug his grave already.

So for my part of the task. I have to plan and execute kidnapping, with Ciera's help we chose Brad Pitt.

Here was her reasoning " What about...Brad Pitt. He's famous, handsome, a humanitarian who adopts a lot of kids, has a beautiful wife..."

Brad, it is. I put some feelers out and find out he is filming a sequel to two movies at the same time. Guess which two...

Through my union contacts, I get put on Brad's bodyguard detail.

I get the address to the hotel where he is staying.

HIGH RISES Pictures, Images and Photos

Not bad.

Koma finds the plans for the building. He is in a black van just down the street and gives me the layout. Thanks to him, I find out that Brad's suite has a panic room in case he is in danger.

For a successful kidnapping. There are certin things that you need to do.

Get close to the target, Check.

Know your battle ground; the exits, the fire system and the security detail, Check.

Last, but not least. You need a distraction. That's where Wolverine comes in. The furball is always high drama. Check.

Wolverine Pictures, Images and Photos

He enters the lobby. He is drunk as a skunk and starts screaming how Brad's wife should be with him.

As you can imagine, he causes a lot of trouble. This is good. I take Brad back to lift and take it to the top floor with another bodyguard.

Once we reach the penthouse, the lift's doors open and a dead bodyguard falls out.

"Dude, WTF?" Brad asks.

He tries to fight me, I pistol whip him and his lights are out.

I drag his body to the roof and repel off to the ground floor.

Everyone else is busy with Wolverine on the other side of the building.

30 seconds later, Koma pulls up with the van.

"Your late." I say.

I get in with Brad, Koma smirks and we drive off.

Dental for All.

Raptor Jesus rules.


  1. what an interesting story.

    I wonder where its going to lead too?

  2. I've always found Wolverine to be a nice distraction. Good work.