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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wolverine: Ransom demand.

The distraction went with outta hitch while everyone else was busy with me the bromance of the super villain set got Pitt. I stop pretendin' to be drunk (healin' factor keeps me from actually gettin' me drunk.) and wave for the cameras, and say "next performance is at eight try the veal!" And run outta the Hotel.

Next is gonna be the "fun" part. I have to get into Angelina's compound, and make the demands. Why would that be a problem ya ask? Well remember the movie Mr., and Mrs. Smith? Ain't far from the truth where Angelina's concerned.

Those kid's she's been adoptin' just a front for trainin' Hand ninjas. Brad Pitt's about as clueless as he looks though, doesn't know what's goin' on in his own backyard.

I use the teleporter I "borrowed" from Koma in the last challenge, and appear right in front of her house. I pop my claws and cut my way through fence, I try sneakin' in but somethin' tripped the Flamin' alarms. At that moment I smell circuit boards and.... banana cream pie?

It don't matter because I'm ambushed by the kids.

I try to negotiate with'em, and show them the error O' their ways... Okay that ain't true I went bezerker on 'em.

Right when I was gonna go for a kill my mind explodes with a shrill female british accent. “Don’t you do it Logan!"

“What the Flamin 'Psylocke? Why are ya in my head?"

No answer... gah women! Like I aibn't beeen havin' enough trouble with 'em. Fine I didn't kill the brats but I got more damage from not doin' so. I hope that telepathic witch is happy where ever she is. I did give them all the kids a paddlin' though.

I finally get to the house, when I hear police sirens in the distance I'll have to hurry this up, "Hey Wolvie am I on TEE VEE?" A voice yells behind me. Great just what I don't need Deadpool. " Angelina hired me to get her hubby back! Even if I have to shsikabob you to do it old buddy! What? Quiet yellow text bubbles I'm being all dramatic! “He started rantin' to the voices in his head.

Last time I fought this dork he dropped a piano on me. So I was ready, and willin;' to take him down But I didn't have much time.... then all of a sudden a safe fell on his head from outta the blue. I think Gyrobo may have somethin' to do with that. Too bad that won't kill him.

I tape the envelope with the ransom demand onto the safe, and run outta there before the police show up. On my motorcycle, I catch a look from Jolie,

Looks like she ain't too happy with it can't be the Ten Million... must be the other demand "The Boss" put in the letter.


  1. Other demands?

    Just what could the mad robot Gyrobo be thinking off. Maybe the next post by the Victorious Secret team will reveal more?

    Maybe not.

  2. Never listen to the female voices.

  3. Gyrobo sounds as if he might be further off his rocker than normal. Will have to wait and see...