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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not Contintenal?

"Alaska's not part of the Continental US?" I asked, incredulously. "What the frig?!" I look around the table my teammates and I are seated at.

"I tried telling you we should go to Yale," said a quiet voice.

"So you did. And if I survive the Boardroom, you can be project manager next time around." I sigh. "Koma, I'm going to have to put you up on the chopping block. Not only did you run roughshod over the issue of the college, you also allowed Kale to die and you ate the penguin. Everyone else completed their assignments, but we didn't even get any initiates and the one that did survive..." I shake my head in disgust.

"But - but - but..."

"That and you routinely call me names like 'she-devil'. I don't appreciate that."


  1. Oh great just beacuse I pull out all the stops and try to create a funny and whimsical piece of black comedy (in a unversity on the continent, thats shenadigans) but the buxom banshee boss is bullying me into being bumped.

    Now where are you going to get illiteration like that with gone. Gyrbo maybe, Jon as if.

    I am indespesible.

    PS - Bennet you still haven't paid for your Megan Fox synthoid.


    Quit your whining. Bennett is right and we should have caught it. But we all let you have your way, you just had to have it in Alaska and while I could be wrong, I don't think you had one Sarah Palin joke in your post.