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Monday, July 20, 2009

The real reason I wasn't fired

My Synthiod Megan Fox had disappeared. She's only a prototype and doesn't even talk properly. She's still set to Breathless Miss Scarlet mode. Hmmmm! How best to find her.

I decided to send Victorious Secret's own Celebrity, Charlie Sheen to find her. If anyone can find a smoking hawt female starlet its Charlie. Needless to say Charlie was eager to get on with his investigation.

"Where was she last?" asked Charlie assuming some detective character he'd played.

"Well first she was taken by Logan."

"So Wolverine has her, then. I'll go ask him?" said Charlie.
"I ain't got the sex-bot. I left her in the penthouse. Ain't seen it since then. But uh... if you find it uhhhh..." trailed off the hairy mutant.
"If we find it what?" I ask smiling.
"Forget about it." growls Logan and he storms off.

"Dead end Koma." says Charlie.
Just then Ciera walked in....
"Have you seen Synth-Megan?" asked Charlie.
"Ugh!" shook Ciera. "The Yellow troglodyte left with her saying something about booze and skinny-dipping." With that the Boss-lady left, muttering something about getting dog hair out of her clothes.

"Well that only means the river. We better get there." advised Charlie.

We get to the river and Henchy's there, with Synth-Megan.

"Henchy you better bring her back." I tell him.

"It'll be a while man." calls Henchy back. "Now git!"

When I finally saw Henchy again I asked him where the Synth-Megan was.
"Hey I don't know. "replied Henchy tiredly. "I brought her back here and Bennet was all up in my grill. He took her away saying she was contraband, whatever that is. Anyway you can make another one."
I went straight to Bennets office and lo and behold H.R.G was definitely Horned and Rimmed.

"Umm! as you were Miss Fox." stammered Bennet.
"Control override. Get dressed and back to your coffin." I command the synthoid. "And as for you Bennet. Shame on you. I expect this from Logan and Henchy but you're a married man."
"I'd appreciate it if this never was revealed Koma." demanded Bennet.
"Hey as long as I don't get voted off this round, I'm okay with that." I reply.

You'd think that'd be the end of my troubles, but no. I turn on the TV and its Entertainment Tonight with news about Charlie Sheen with a new younger woman.



  1. ' "I'd appreciate it if this never was revealed Koma." demanded Bennet. '


  2. The rules clearly stated that there would be no human/robot intimacy. Sorry, Gyrobo.

    I had to confiscate her, lest we face legal action by the FCC.

    And what I said was that I'd appreciate it if your skankbots weren't so revealing. FCC guidelines.