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Monday, July 13, 2009

Task Two: Back to School

Good morning, teams.

Last week it was obvious that you people have no real espionage skills. You're lacking an appropriate level of mysteriousness. There was an effort, some mildly decent subterfuge and the like, but I'm not seeing it yet. It's almost as if you've had no training in the covert arts whatsoever.

That is why for this next task you're going to be attending college.

Each team will be choosing a college within the continental United States. You've been provided with access to a private jet to get you to your destination, and we will pull the necessary strings to get you all enrolled, free of charge.

There you will start a secret society. You will need to put at least five pledges through an initiation ritual. Also, you should develop a fake history for your secret society to increase its prestige. Who founded it? When? Why? What is its purpose, its goals? These are all questions you should consider.

You'll also need a faculty advisor to approve the secret society. Remember too that most colleges already have established organizations, secret and not, that could be competition to your own. Do whatever must be done to ensure your secret society is the one with the power.

Challenge Two

  • Choose a college

  • Start a secret society

  • Develop a history for your secret society

  • Sign on a faculty advisor

  • Initiate five pledges

  • Optional: Defeat/neutralize competition

You cannot pick the same college, so Victorious Secret, since you were victorious last week, you get first pick. Choose your project managers and get started. Posts are due by Friday at midnight.


  1. college! your kidding me?
    I am a multiple degree graduate and a Rhode Schollar. I don't need to go to no stinking US college with Frat-boys and Cheerleaders.

    Hey does Alska have a college?

  2. Is there any reason why it couldn't be a fictional college?