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Friday, July 10, 2009

I will bide my time

As per usual in game shows of this ilk, or even when there is the dreaded team up, there has to come a fight.

Logan had his claws out, Ciera her sword drawn. Henchy had already lost an arm taking on Logan. Oh and Gyrobo was singing "Duck and Cover" holding a goldfish bowl over his head.

I of course, was the only true voice of reason, but my voice was too busy groaning and my reason for this was my brusied manhood. The sweet Ciera had done this when I challenged her and Logan's barabarian cabal. Henchy had sided with me (Bro's before Ho's) and I was busy transmitting a virus that would make Gyrobo fall in line thus, giving me a democratic majority. All of this disolved like a snowball in hell after Ciera's sweetly placed foot to my groin.
The folowing video pretty much explains it better than I ever could.

So now with Henchy armless and Gyrobo in a panic of Cold War proportions, Ciera began shouting orders to us all. Funnily enough, they were exactly the same as the suggestions I had offered not moments before.
  • Ciera was to choose the name
  • Logan was to get the celebrities Ciera was going to tag along, for support of course.
  • Henchy to go about branding
  • I had to make the logo
  • And Gyrobo would come up with the title of leadership
The others left as their orders were barked out. When I was able to compose myself I got to my feet and faced this Red Sonja clone. She gave me the cold stare of death.
"So this is how its going to be?" I croaked out.
"Hummp!" exhaled the red haired harridan she turned on her booted heal and exited her shapely body out.
"Excuse me I do need something to work with here? A name for our team?" I asked.
"Victorius Secret." she purred and left.

I let my imagination run wild for about three seconds and came up with nothing. Then I realised that Gyrobo hadn't left yet. He was still cowering under the goldfish bowl.
"Have you got something that will work with that team name?" I asked the scared robot.
"Have I!" He shouted flinging the goldfish bowl which shattered against the wall. The fish flipped on the carpet and breathed its last. Gyrobo told me it was an evil asian dictator that he had transmuted into a goldfish in the 1930's. After that I asked him for the logo idea.


  1. omg! like i dont no how mysterious the name is but its like totally tuff and sexy! i guess it does have the word "secret" so that prolly counts for something right???

    i think my dad will like it! but if you guys want to win you like gotta stop fighting each other! team spirit! yay!

  2. The Cold War is so 1994. Now I'm worried about Y2K.

  3. Not going to stay secret for long if those things explode.