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Monday, July 27, 2009

You're Fired: Number Three

Gyrobo screamed something about Henchman's yellowness and cited it as a reason for giving him the axe. It sounded reasonable, by Gyrobo standards.

"You know, Henchy, he's right," I said. "You do wear a lot of yellow."

"He does," agreed The Haitian.

Koma nodded.

"What can I say? I like looking good," Henchman explained.

"And Koma, you wear a lot of purple," I observed keenly.

"Fire Ciera!" Koma replied.

I knocked the hard wood of the boardroom table with my knuckles and exclaimed, "I've made my decision." I looked over the three losers. "Your performance has been lacking in creativity and excitement. You have all the unexpected plot twists of an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, but without the Governator. I don't know if you really want this job or not. Maybe you're comfortable with what you've got going on right now, I don't know. Let's hope, though, because, Henchman432, you're fired."

Gyrobo and Koma saw him out the doors, then got up to go out behind him.

"Not so fast," I said. I hit the intercom button on my speaker phone and said to my assistant, "Gather the rest of the contestants."

"Whaaa???" Gyrobo spouted.

"What crazy scheme do you have up your sleeve this time, Bennet?" Koma wondered.

The rest of the candidates soon arrived and I made my announcement. "Your new task starts now! We have a special, very important, very influential and powerful guest judge to give you this week's task. This is somebody I personally have a lot of respect for."

Ciera yawned, "You woke us up for this?"

I pulled out my cell phone and dialed up our guest judge's stupid intern. "They're ready," I said, then coolly flipped the phone shut.


  1. You got us up for this important phone call and then didn't even let us talk to the guest judge? Ugh. *walks sleepily back to her room*

  2. A guest judge with a stupid intern?

    *rubs hands*

    Oooh this is exciting.

  3. The suspense is literally killing me!

  4. Somebody Bennett respects?

    we're all gonna die.............

  5. oh goody individual tasks, fianlly!

  6. Koma: What gives you that idea?

  7. Yeah really - the PM is supposed to be a dictator according to the post on the forums