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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Who's the Boss?

"That's right I'm the Boss now." I declared to the remnant of Victorious Secret.
"Yeah! Right on! All the way with Captain K!" I screamed hoping that the congratulations would spur the others the join in.

They didn't.

"So how are we doing this Koma and what can we advertise with Dagobah?" complained the red haired harridan Ciera.

"With one simple word." I replied "Mud."

Then I showed them the genius of my plan to turn Dagobah into THE health spa planet.

"Essential oils, mud baths, massage. Beauty therapies all over. They yuppies and the gays will love it." I smile confidently. "Of course we can't forget the local population they need to be included so here's our spokes person."

"C'mon this is going to be great. Now grab the concept and run with it guys. Soar on wings of eagles with this re-badging of Dagobah for the ages." I command standing defiantly on the table. Ciera and Gyrobo are gone all that's left is Logan who's snoring, reclining in his executive chair.
"Snort! Huh! You finished Koma?" he asks being awoken by the silence.
"You didn't hear any of that did you?" I ask rhetorically.
"Nup!" replies the hairy diminutive Canadian.
"So what are you going to do?" I ask him.
"I'll think of something..." says Logan getting comfortable in the chair. He takes a sip of whatever is in the bottle he's been holding and goes back to sleep.

Oh well I hope the others take my vision and run with it. Hang on did they even hang around to hear it?

Oh well never mind.


  1. Koma's in charge?!?!

    We're all gonna die............

  2. Ciera said...
    "Koma's in charge?!?!

    We're all gonna die............"

    Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    I'll give you this, Dagobah does have a lot of mud.

  3. Now, know the secret of my youthful baby-like skin, people will!

  4. John said: "'ll give you this, Dagobah does have a lot of mud."

    Yeah... maybe they should create the galaxy's largest pig farm instead.

  5. My secret is not mud, though Haiti is much like Dagobah, it seems.