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Monday, July 20, 2009

Task Three: People Picking

Good morning, teams.

Hopefully you are all much smarter now having been to college. In reality, you're probably just high and in debt.

Regardless, we have a new task for you today. I'll let The Haitian explain.

"Kidnapping is an extremely profitable enterprise. It is dangerous, but rewarding. This week you will be kidnapping a person of your choosing and holding them for ransom."

Thank you, The Haitian.

"If you'd just be uglier, maybe I wouldn't have to worry about your safety."

Remember, the Project Manager is in charge. So, once you pick one, follow their lead. Democracy is slow and inefficient. That's why in secret organizations we have dictatorships. Plus this method gives each contestant their own time to shine, or fade away into oblivion.

After you choose your Project Manager, you can get started on the task.

You'll first need to decide on a target. The victim should be someone that would be able to bring in a good ransom, but they have to be obtainable as well.

Once you decide who you'll kidnap, then you'll need to spend some time learning their behavior. You can't just drive up in a van and grab someone. You don't have The Haitian. Intricate planning is a must. Devise a good plan and execute it.

Once the kidnappee is in your custody, it's time to demand a ransom. Demand too much and their so-called loved ones will let them die. Demand too little and you'll fail to impress me. How you deliver your ransom notice, and what you demand from them, is all up to you. Be creative.

When you've got an agreed upon price, it's time to make the exchange. There will most likely be cops. There are always cops. Even if your plan included a "no cops" clause, expect there to be cops. Be prepared for whatever may happen, but whatever you do, make sure you come back with the ransom.

Challenge Three

  • Choose target

  • Plan and execute kidnapping

  • Demand ransom

  • Make the exchange

You'll be judged on the success and efficiency of your kidnapping and exchange, the creativity of your ransom and target choices and, of course, teamwork.

If you need any kidnapping tips, you can check out my guide to a successful kidnapping, soon to be out in paperback.

1 comment:

  1. Kidnapping?

    Maybe a royal family member? Or a UN dignitary? Hmmm....
    Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair?
    Maddona? Ewww!
    The Jonas I'd end up killing them.