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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Branded...He was branded....

Ladies and Gents,

This is staring off wonderfully. The Furbag
Wolverine Alt Pictures, Images and Photos
cuts of my arm and a chick is in charge. What the frick...

Oh well, time to show why I am the best number 2 in the biz. Everyone else picked and chose their jobs. Meaning I was stuck with branding part.

To quote HRG

"The name and logo should be designed to be as mysterious as possible, yet at the same time express your organization's wealth of power and influence. Aside from being judged on this name and logo, it will continue to represent you and your team through the rest of this competition.

Brand team members with membership identifier."

So Koma has the image we all are going to use and Furbag got our Celeb.

Now I make sure we are branded( Did I mention that enough). I do a test run first, if our logo looks good on these things we should be a shoe in.

Too Small, Next.

Too Cute, Next.

Getting better.

Now that is money in the hand. It's Gold Jerry, gold.


It's in the bag so to speak.

Dental for All.

Raptor Jesus rules.


  1. so like...custom designed underwear or what?? the visuals are really good! and really disturbing! but really good! but really disturbing! but good!