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Friday, July 3, 2009

Deja Vu

Oh my - I beam into the Kirby Plaza and the first thing I see is this huge Lego statue in the middle of a fountain. While it may be a priceless piece of art...couldn't they have found a more appealing color? Steel blue-grey...or maybe sword-metal silver?

Now the water on the other hand, looks wondrous and very inviting. Living on a ship like I do, I don't get to see that much water in one place. Except when I go planet side. But then I hardly ever get to seek out a decent bath because I'm too busy getting into some kind of trouble. It's not that I go looking for it...honest. It just kind of finds me.

I don't know for certain. But maybe it's because I'm the misfit of my family? Maybe it's my red hair, or the fact that I like swords. Maybe it's this cool cape I stole from my sister's closest when she was away at summer camp in the Heights? Every family has to have it's black sheep and somehow I got volunteered.

I sigh and walk away through the sunny plaza...and then stop. Before me I see Professor X, I can never get over how much he looks like a friend of mine, and Mr. Bennett...and Gyrobo...Jon, talk about Deja Vu. Didn't I just go through a contest with these characeters not that long ago? I do see a few characters that I don't recognize, but I'm sure it won't take that long to get aquainted. All I need now would be to run into that Nefaria...wouldn't that just be the icing on the cake?

Refusing to let the bellhop carry my one bag, I stride through the hotel confidently, at least letting him show me the way to my room. Well, the rooms I'll be sharing with my team mates at any rate.

The rooms are not as spacious as I would have hoped. I find a bedroom to call my own and go in search of the bathroom. I really want a bath!

The door is unlocked, so I head on in.

"Pardon me!" I exclaim. Odd how his hair is flat. Must be what happens when he gets it wet.

"I ain't no president to be pardoning nobody," he nearly growls. But then he smiles, and says to me, "Hey, you wanna conserve water and hop on in?"

Hmm...a little on the coarse side, but at least he makes great eye candy.


  1. One day, I was eating a can of (unheated) soup in my unpainted, ramshackle shed, and the president did barge in through the door to demand I conserve water.

    Bah! Bureaucrats.

  2. Ciera ciera
    we need the issue made clearer
    there seems to be something ambiguous about you
    we're struggling to decide
    just what you are offline
    are you a chick or you a fella

  3. I thought Wolvie didn't like baths because they make him smell like a wet dog.

  4. Jon IG - I think I walked in on his yearly scrub down.

    Koma - I am a woman of mystery. Online and off.

    Gyrobo - you got to see the prez? Cool!

  5. Let's just try to avoid any sexual harassment lawsuits.

  6. I take bats evrey day, jeeze. I wasn't feelin' all that harassed.

  7. I can assure you, Koma, that Ciera is definately a woman.

  8. and what does it really matter who I am offline anyways? :P

  9. online you can find
    people who like to lie
    someone who's a girl
    might try and be a guy
    its a bit stupid
    and rather ill advised
    but I just thought I'd ask
    and make sure this time

  10. r u saying I come across as a guy?????