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Friday, July 17, 2009

Wolverine:Two birds one stone.

So we ended up takin' classes in Alaska, I think because Koma has an odd obsession with Sarah Palin, and he wants to be closer to her, Or at least that's what I took from the meetings anyway.

So now we're in Maverick University. I ended up goin' fer a degree in Polar bear wrestlin' unfortunatley it's the fake WWE kind tryin' to get a bear to sell moves is even harder than it sounds.

What can I say? Sittin' in a flamin' class all day is borin' as all get out. When I was college age, I was out fightin' in World War 1, or was that the Spanish Civil War? All these flamin' wars are running together now.

Yeah it sucks I wanna punch the teachers, but there is one good thing.

Yeah , and that uniform in cold weather just adds to the fun. Any way I’m called outta class right when my tag partner was bein' sat on by a polar bear... hope he's okay... he owes me $ 20.

Turns out I had to go to another meeting. Koma started said a bunch O' stuff about Palin then we all got our assignments. Koma recruited for our secret society, Ciera will get the sponsor ship, from the Faculty Advisor Gyrobo will create the history, and , me and the Henchman will destroy the other secret societies. Great. Me, and the cyborg.

“Look Furbag, here's the societies we have here, The Young Illuminati.

The Skull, and bones, and the order of the Furry."

"Wait what?" I ask.

"Furries you ought to relate since you are one, now the Furries, and the Young Illuminati are having a get together, they want to form an alliance against us. You can take them out there. I'll take on the Skull and Bones."

" Fine Bub." I growl. I think I'm gonna have fun with this one. First I take a group O' students that Koma already rejected, and lie makin' them think they'll be in if they do this suicide mission with me. Next I steal a bunch O' tech from Koma's dorm room.

Now for a little step I like to call "plausible denilibilty" Get someone else to publicy destroy the meeting leaving us scott free. The patsy is an ol' "friend" O' mine Vegeta.

I use a teleporter to take me to West City with the cannon fodder I mean students. Then I star off gettin’ him angry by climbin' his roof, and jammin' his television with some device, I allow only the Rick Roll Channel. What's Rick Rollin' ya ask? here's an infromative video.

After a lotta cussin' he ran outside to try, and train that's when I sicced the Meagan Fox Synthoid at him.

She ran up, and hugged him, and exploded all the rancid cheese I stuffed inside covered the saiyan. He was cursing at the sky in saiyanese, until all the students dressed up as furries started dancin' around him and pulled and pushed him closer to a much more powerful bomb.

This one was by bags, and bags o' cow manure that sprayed all over the alien the furries that weren't killed in the explosion die when Vegeta blasted them with those alien powers O' his. .

Me I was in my black, and grey X-force suit, hidin' in a group O' bushes. wearing some doohicky that made me invisible to Veg-Head's senses. I take out this souped up mega phone, and announce “You Vegeta have been targeted by us! The Young Illuminati, and the order of the Furries!"

“Why can't I sense you? Show yourself!" he demands.

“We’ll be waiting for you tonight, at the Main Hall of Maverick University in Alaska we'll be there at 7 sharp come, and confront us if you have the guts!"

" Oh I'll be there you freaks I will have my revenge for this insult" He shouts then flies off. I did think about seducin' his wife but maybe later, now I 'd better make sure that dumb monkey actually destroys the competition.

I teleport back to the school, and wait until seven the smell O' all that feces, and cheese hits me before I see him, and just as the other secret societies are sittn' down at the conference. I hear the words: “Big Bang Attack!" and the whole building goes up, heh no more furries or Illuminators. Like an ol' buddy O' mine from the US Army liked to say " I do so love it when a plan comes together."


  1. wow! my dads gonna love how you used that weirdo with the hair to blow up the other weirdos with the fur and whatever illuminati is.

  2. so thats where the megan fox synthoid went to. I was saving her for a ummmm.... informative discussion. yeah that sounds convincing enough.

  3. Vegeta, I wonder if you ever make it through one of these competitions in peace?

  4. Claire: I try

    Koma Suuuuure.

    Nepharia Nope.