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Friday, July 24, 2009

The gouger, the biter, the neural destabiliser

Driving in the states is vile. Not only do you have to drive on the wrong side of the car, but the wrong side of the road. I was running late and I got there just in time to pick up Henchy and Brad. I couldn't help but smirk as the Hollywood hunk was bundled into the van.

"Whadda you laughing' at?" complained Brad.
"If you knew, you wouldn't be laughing." I replied with a devious chuckle.
Brad tried to reply but Henchy shoved a rubber ball in his mouth and a bag over his head. Laughing, I drove away. This was the best time I'd had since eating Penguin, and it had only just begun.

Later when I removed the bag from Brad's head, he was livid. His eyes were filled with rage, and there was a nice bruise on his face where Henchy had pistol whipped him.
"Urrrrrr urrr urrrr urrrrr urrrr urrah urr-rer." mumbled Brad forcefully.
"Oh I'm sorry! But do you actually think you're in charge?" I chuckled. "No you're not in charge but guess what? Neither am I."
Brad glares at me. He looks at the briefcase I'm holding onto.
"Oh this! Its nothing. Just the right tools for the right job, that's all." I tell him as I put the briefcase on a bench nearby. "Now I don't want you to be nervous, so I'm going to show you the tools we'll be using for these sessions."

"This is the gouger."

"This is the biter."

"Oh and, this is the neural destabiliser." I point at him my weapon of choice.


The green beam strikes Brad and he instantly falls into unconsciousness.
Out of the shadows a lone figure reveals himself. Meance is in his steps and the lone figure continues silently toward me. I realise he's there just before he reaches me. I'm enjoying this too much to realise he's even there.
"Oh Its you." I say disappointedly. "You're late, I've already sedated him. Lets make your dream come true."

The ransom demands were agreed to within 24 hours. We dropped off Brad in the wilds of New Jersey. What happens to him is going to be very intersting.

Now how is this all going to fit together?

Where was Gyrobo in all of this?

Who was the lone figure and what were his dreams for Brad Pitt?

And what did Koma use the gouger and the biter for?

All these question may never be answered. But tune in to the finale of the Kidnapping of Brad Pitt.

When Gyrobo gets around to doing it.


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  2. A five-parter rarely holds my attention, but probably because I'm too busy text messaging.

  3. Oh please....the suspense is killing me....and I'm falling asleep....