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Friday, July 3, 2009

Entry Level Postion?

Okay lets begin this opening tirade with the fact that I'm out of a job. In this day of the Obama love parade there's no more work for an Evil Genuis. Yes, I do hear those idiots in the back up there shouting about North Korea. As if I'd work for Kim Jong-Il. He's a nutcase always expecting you to work for squirrels. Being paid in squirrels is not the worst of it either. Kim Jong only does business in the jacuzzi. Never again Kim, thats it.

So working for Primatech is a demotion, but works work. When you've got a Lair on the moon and keep a working array of sattelites upgraded you need money. So thats why I'm in this stupid overly complicated excuse for this winters ONLY game show. We'll see how Bennet runs this thing. I'm waiting for the everyone gets it easy except for Koma rule. Quite sure the bespeckled buffoon has been bemaoning the brilliance brought by yours truely.

I'll be in my room hope its not with that hairy freak Logan. That diminuative dwarven dim wit will drive me to distraction.


  1. See ya've been takin' insane speech lessons froom Doom. Either that or ya've got some kinda alletration mental disorder now, like ya didn't have enogh problems.

  2. You're fi--oops, I'm getting ahead of myself.

  3. To swim with Kim you must be trim,
    So if the squirrels have you grim,
    Just tell him that they closed your gym
    And pray real hard that he's that dim.

  4. I need the money
    I got the bills
    and the woman wont give me no honey
    she wont give me any till she gets what she thinks is coming
    and all she wants is channel gold and diamond rings
    whats an evil genius got to do either rap steal or sing

  5. Squirrels?! I hate squirrels!!!