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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pitfalls of being demoted

One of the pitfalls of being demoted, is that no one listens to your ideas anymore. Just because I have problems leading, doesn't mean I don't have good ideas!

I listen passively as everybody at the table votes Gyrobo in as "The Boss". I'd gladly hand over my hat --- but the new boss isn't even here!! I slide the hat into the middle of the table...where it mysteriously disappears and is replaced by a note.

Koma grabs the note up and starts chuckling. "It's from The Boss," he says, smirking at me.

I flip him off, but he's too busy reading the note to see. Wolverine saw and grinned at me. "No hard feelings, darling," he whispers to me. "You just let Koma push you around too much."

"I should have brought my bigger sword," I whispered back.

"Are you going to tell us what the note says?" Henchman asked a little impatiently.

Koma reads ~
"* Choose target : Ciera
* Plan and execute kidnapping : Henchman
* Demand ransom : Wolverine
* Make the exchange : Koma"

Great. "Well," I start... "We could do something bold. Kidnap Bennett or one of the judges. Maybe even someone off of the other team. It's just for the game, so no harm no foul right?"

"Ooohhhh, let's kidnap Michael Jackson's corpse!" Koma giggles madly at this.

"No," Wolverine growled. "Let's kidnap Deadpool's teddy bear."

"I kind of like that..." I mentioned.

"Nah," said Henchman. "Let's kidnap Trump."

My cellphone tweets and I check my text message. I groan. "Guys, we might be in trouble. Jon IG just nabbed Mr. Bennett."

"Why the cad!" Koma cried.

"Isn't that cheating?" Henchy asked.

"Why's the Haitian texting you?" was Wolverine's question.

"He's a friend," I reply. "Well, so much for that. We're never going to be able to top that. We'll just have to go a different direction. What about...Brad Pitt. He's famous, handsome, a humanitarian who adopts a lot of kids, has a beautiful wife..."

"I've been meaning to make a synthoid of Angelina," Koma mutters. "This'd be the perfect opportunity..."

"I've always wanted to take on those adopted kids of his. How many's he got now?" Wolverine growled, flexing those muscles.

"I know the perfect place," Henchman volunteered.

"Well, ok then." If they really manage to pull this off, I wonder if they'll let me keep Brad? Probably not.

The others take off, intent on kidnapping Pitt. Now that my part of the task is done, maybe the Haitian could use my help? It's either that or spend the rest of the time 'tweaking' Koma's synthoid of Megan....hmmm.....

I look at the spot where the Boss's hat disappeared and the note reappeared. "Does anyone know where Gyrobo is?!?!"


  1. Kidnapping a rich celebrity?

    *slaps forehead*

    Why didn't we think of that?

  2. I was hoping you would keep our "texting" between you and I.

    I'm an intrigued over Gyrobo's whereabouts.

  3. I tried, but Wolverine was sitting right next to me and he peeked!

  4. Gee where's gone to Gyrobo?

    We give him the Boss cap and he leaves.

    Why, its mysterious.

  5. What! No pic of Gyrobo in the Boss hat? I feel jipped. I'm sick and tired of the Christmas hat he's been wearing for a coupla years. Hrmph.