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Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Henchman arrives.

Ladies and Gents,

Sorry, I am late. However, I woke up with a wicked hang over in a trashed boardroom.

Last time this happened I hooked with Madame Hydra and woke up with a case of Shi'ar crabs, she passed on to me. I think she must of slept with Wolverine and then with me...


I just puked a little.

After I checked my wedding tackle and don't see any thing or hear any chirping. I let loose a sigh.

As I look around the room. I try to find some clues as why I am here. The last thing I remember is, I was in Mexico and this cute little blond girl challenged me to a drinking contest.


I throw a chair through a window. That sets of a alarm. There is a rush to the boardroom. I pick up another chair in case and then I see who comes to the door.

"I can explain." He says.

Dental for All.

Raptor Jesus rules.


  1. Nice to see you duuuude!
    Try the veal its scrumdidley-umptous.

    Also watch out for Ciera I think shes a dude.


  2. "I can explain," I said, "but I won't. I'm mysterious."