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Monday, July 6, 2009

Task One: Branding

Good morning. As you can see, you've been divided into two teams. Your first challenge begins now.

Each team will need to choose a project manager. Your project manager takes the lead on the task and is ultimately responsible for your team's performance. It's a big responsibility, but somebody has to do it. So, decide amongst yourselves on a project manager and tell me who it will be.

Also, I should note that Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator is not with us right now. Unfortunately, he had a prior engagement in some drunk-filled galaxy on the other side of the Universe. We do, however, have a satellite connection with him, so he can still participate in this week's task.

Hey, Jon. How are you doing?


Well, there seems to be some trouble with the connection. Let's hope we get that fixed soon.

Now, for this task, you will be coming up with a branding strategy for your team. How you brand a secret organization is key to its success. You will need to create a name for your team as well as a logo.

The name and logo should be designed to be as mysterious as possible, yet at the same time express your organization's wealth of power and influence. Aside from being judged on this name and logo, it will continue to represent you and your team through the rest of this competition.

Once you get a name and a logo, you will need a celebrity endorsement. Obtain a celebrity endorsement for your organization.

Fancy and contrived titles are also extremely important for any good secret organization. Whether your leader is the Holy Grand Poobah Sheik of the Barbeque Brontosaurus Rib or the Pope, their title is their name to the rest of the world. It has to work. It has to convey power and importance. Come up with a title for your project manager.

Then, in order to control membership, brand each of your team members with a unique identifier that shows they are a part of your secret organization. You can literally brand them, you can use tattoos, you can go the lame route and issue member ID cards. The branding method is up to you.

The team which has the least effective overall branding, as judged by me, will have to see me in the boardroom where somebody will be fired.

Challenge One

  • Create team name and logo

  • Obtain celebrity endorsement

  • Choose a title for your project manager

  • Brand team members with membership identifier

Posts are due by Friday at midnight.


  1. yeah who's doing what. its up on the Primatech forum. I got e-mails for everyone but Wolverine. Hook me up with a good one Baz.

  2. I still need Lyle's and Mr. Muggle's emails -- I have Jon's and the Prof's. Mine is listed in my profile.

  3. Nepharia- I will PM you my email on the fourms.