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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Xavier makes a swap

You want me to what?" I asked Jon, not quite sure I heard right.

"Simple," Jon said as he chewed on his chicebo cigar. "You take Bennet to the pre-arranged drop site and exchange him for a big bag o' cash. Then we can all retire rich. I got those Primatech stooges to pay up big for Bennet. You got a problem with that?"I snorted.

"Just one thing, my friend. Did you forget that I'm in a damn wheel chair?! How am I suppose to transport someone, let alone do a damn swap? I can't even get out of a car without help!"

Jon pulled the cigar from his mouth and tilted his head back. He slowly blew a long column of acrid smoke into the already thick air. "You can handle it, Xavier. I got confidence in you."

I thought about telling him where he could shove his little assignment, but the fact is, I knew he was right. I grabbed my hat and headed for the door. As I passed two maintence men, I took control of their minds and had them accompany me to the holding room. Bennet had a bag over his head and his hands were tied behind his back.

"W-who's there?" he whispered desperately when me and my two mind-slaves entered the room. I didn't say a word. My two zombies roughly dragged him to his feet and out to the van.

We drove in silence out to the desert. Waves of heat radiated from the frying ground. A black, unmarked SUV with darkened windows was waiting at the designated spot, about half a mile off the main road. As our van came to a stop, two Primatech goons in suits and dark glasses got out and waited. One was holding a black briefcase. I floated out of the back of my van in my combat mode hover chair and moved half way between our vehicles. The goons approached me.

I took control of their minds and had them draw their weapons and toss them aside. Then, as I had the one with the case start to bring it to me, the damn Haitian got out of the SUV.

I lost control of all four of the men. As the two maintence men, my former zombies, grabbed my arms to prevent me from manipulating the controls of my chair, the two Primatech goons scooped up their guns and pointed them at me. I warned Jon. Why the hell didn’t he listen?

“You don’t expect me to give Bennet up without a fight, do you?” I shouted at the Haitian.

“No, Mr. Xavier,” he replied, “I expect you to die.”

Just as he barked the order for his men to cut me down, three shimmering lights appeared between us. Human bodies formed and the lights vanished.

“Who the hell are you?” the Haitian demanded as his mens’ guns moved to point at the three new arrivals. The two red shirts pulled out some strange looking weapons and fired, killing the Primatech goons first.
“I’m J.J. Abrhams!” the man in the suit yelled. “Ad I'm here for Bennet!"

"Bennet?" I replied. "Why?"

"This damn TV show Heroes is interfering with my plans! I need to get started on the next Star Trek but my Spock is contractually obligated to do two more seasons of that crap show! I figure if I kill off enough of the other actors, they’ll have to cancel the show and release Spock. My Star Trek franchise is too important to wait on some warmed over X-Men rip off!”

Abrhams pointed at the Haitian and his men turned to fire on him. Before they could though, Bennet, still wearing a bag on his head and having his arms tied behind his back, charged at Abrhams and smashed into him. As he went flying, the red shirts whirled to shoot Bennet. As their energy blasts fired, Bennet tripped over Abrahams and the red shirts wound up hitting each other. Both disintegrated.

In blind panic, the maintenance men holding me let go and ran off into the desert. The Haitian ran over to pull off Bennet’s hood but I quickly moved my chair in front of him, cutting him off.

“My money first,” I said.

The Haitian hesitated but then picked up the briefcase and gave it to me. As I moved into the van and slipped into the driver’s seat, controlling the foot pedals with my limited telekinetic ability, I saw in my rearview mirror a now freed Bennet and the Haitian kicking a balled up, wailing Abrahams.


  1. like thank you for giving back my dad! hes questioning that jj guy right now about how lost ends but hes saying he has no idea. dads interrogations always work

  2. *coff cooff*

    Love ths cigar, it's *coff cofff* smooth...

    Good job with the exchange.

  3. Poor J.J. I almost feel sorry for him. Maybe we should have sent him a ransome note asking for money to actually kill Bennett? He'd have paid handsomely.