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Monday, August 3, 2009


" In a way this a a flamin' relief I don't have to stay around you any longer Koma." I grin at the purple clad emo genius oops sorry evil genius after we left the boardroom.

Before he answers I tear the suit off revealing a costume underneath.

" Why do you have to wear different costumes?" Koma looks disgusted.

" What ya don't change yer clothes everyday bub? Explains why ya have to date robots." Before he can answer some pasty face dork runs up to me from down the hall. "Ha ha! Loser!"

My claws pop out with a snikt, and Koma vanishes a "voop!" sound sound marking his exit. he knows what's comin' next ain't pretty. But the kid's head explodes in the next second, not by my hand, in a hail O' gunfire.

I turn to find the crimson wearing Merc with a Mouth AKA Deadpoool at the end of the narrow hall gun drawn.

" It's you, and me now! Logan! No Safes! No alien amazons who hurt little Wade in unspeakable ways! You'll pay for making me look bad! And for tryin' to steal Mister Winky!"

I really hope he's talkin' about his teddy bear, either way I know this nut has the advantage in this cramped hall I charge the freak deflecting the bullets I can, many still hit their marks stingin' for a moment before the Healing factor kicks in.

I kick The insane mercenary into the work office of Primatech. The human worker bees all scatter away as I slice through Pool's guns. He take out a sword and from the scabbard on his back, and we go blade to blade.

Fer a moment a sick feeling hits my stomach, and my bones ache like I've never felt before, I growl as my rapidly failing senses pick up the Haitian. So he's tryin' to block my powers huh? well all he's gonna get is the water cooler I toss in his face. " Text this Bub!"

It's kind O' satisfying to watch him slip around in the puddle, tryin' to regain his footing on the slick floor. Dumb thing is I took my eyes Off Pool, as he sunk his blade into my guts lucky for me the Ol' healin' factor had come back.

I slam my claws into his head. " Hey! Thanks you just cleared my sinuses!" Damn it his powers make him as hard to kill as me.

" Look Bub We can do this this all day I drop something on you you drop something on me I claw you, you shoot me and neither one O' us are gonna die."

" You gotta point and since you ain't written by Claremont or Hama anymore, your not guranteed to win, and neither am I since Joe Kelly stopped writing me."

I shake my head at his ramblin'. " Look bub I gotta an idea of how to make it up to you for wantin' to steal your stuffed animal." I smile.

" MR. Winky is more than that! he's my partner and... "

I put my hand up in a stop motion to Deadpool. " Look Wade in that boardroom is a hot blond who's all into ya why don't you go meet her."

He runs down the hall kicks down the heavy wooden dorr hops on the mahogny tabble, and starts some kind O' weird dance in front O' Claire who looks like she's gonna be sick it's even worse when Wilson starts singing' Brittany Spears songs.

Bennet shoots Deadpool straight between the eyes. he falls like a puppet with his strings cut, then Bennet's eyes go wide as the bullet is ejected from Wade's forehead and the hole closes.

Deadpool takes the gun from Bennet. " Hey Pops quit cramping my style. Then he's back to the dancin' Well it's more like a full body dry heave but whatever Deadpool is their problem now.

As I race off on my Harley explosions rip through the building I grin to my self That's before I see this in in the road.

" Fool! Did you think I wouldn't pay you back for that little stunt you pulled on me for this game? Die Rodent!"

He fires a golden beam from his hand and an inferno engulfs my body. Last thing I hear before I black out is his mockin' laughter.


  1. You seem to be encountering a burning sensation there, Wolvie.

  2. Hey, the mutant teens are ready to try that all over body wax on game?

  3. Looks like that injury might take a while to heal from, Logan. At least 10 minutes, I'd guess.