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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fourth Boardroom

"Master Yoda was great, wasn't he?" I asked rhetorically to the three losers before me. "You know, he's probably pushing one hundred or so by now, but he's still got a mostly keen mind. Great guy, that Yoda."

The Haitian nodded.

"He's icky," stated Claire.

"So, let's see then," I turned to Koma, The Boss of this losing team. "It was close, wasn't it? Don't you think it was close?"

"It was," he answered. "I think we should have won."

"But you lost," I replied. "I have to fire someone. Who knows? Maybe it'll be you."

"Yeah, like, fire Koma," Claire said. "I don't get the whole, like, syn...fake women, like, thing."

I carefully considered her reasoning. Then, The Haitian spoke out, "Fire Logan."

"What?" Wolverine demanded. "That guy speaks?"

The Haitian continued, "His performance has been mediocre thus far."

"But," I added, "on the plus side, he scares small children."

"This is true," The Haitian conceded.

"But," I further added, "on the down side, he brought back disturbing memories of Granny Goodness.

Logan looked tense. Most likely not due to the possibility of getting fired, but rather because we forced him to wear a suit.

I looked over at Ciera. "Should I fire Ciera?" I tossed the idea out there.

"No," The Haitian replied.

I gave him an odd look. "Any reason why?"

"No, not really," he answered.

"This is a tough one," I said. "You know, I probably say that a lot. Every boardroom is tough, but they just keep getting tougher. This is the toughest yet."

There was a quiet buzzing sound. Ciera looked down, read something then giggled. The Haitian smiled.

Ignoring the odd, obviously rebellious behavior, I continued, "Koma, you've been in the boardroom a lot, barely escaping each time. However, you've also been improving each week. Ciera, you've been consistent. Consistently not great. Good, but not great. I see potential, but you're not reaching it. And Logan, you've been consistent too. Consistently not great. Consistently not as good as Ciera. Consistently sometimes better than Koma. But you get things done, Logan. You fend off ninja brats, you crush Deadpools."

"It seems to me," The Haitian spoke up, "there is a considerable lack of effective team work. With the exception of Ciera."

"And Gyrobo," I added. His point resonated. It did seem that Victorious Secret has always had a tougher time picking a project manager and deciding on what to do. "Maybe there are too many strong personalities on this team. For some reason, you're not functioning effectively. Too much time is wasted early on with logistics, and you can't get as much done. Is that the case? What can be done about it?" I looked them over again then said, "Who would you fire? Why shouldn't I fire you?"


  1. you want me to stop writing drivel? Ok, if you keep me, I'll stop writing drivel.

    As for photoshop - I do not have it and each time I have tried to download the free trial version, my bf's computer has fought me.

    So you'll have to weigh my potential against that and decide what is more important to you.

  2. Don't fire Ciera. She has a hot outfit.

  3. Well close wasn't close enough.

    A good leader doesn't blame his team. A good leader takes it on the chin and deals with it.

    It was all their fault I tried I tried....

    I'll pay you off anything you want I'll get it, absolutely anything.

    Please I can't be voted off.


  4. @Ciera:

    If you're having problems with Photoshop, you can try GIMP -- it's 100% free, and has pretty much everything Photoshop does (though there is a slight learning curve if you're used to Photoshop).

  5. I admit this is not my best But I have done better , and I know I can do it again.