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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Resume: Darth Nepharia

Meridi Drana
aka, Darth Nepharia
Coruscant, Core Systems


To see Chancellor Palpatine (aka Darth Sidious) die a painful and hideous death. Take over known space and be a ruler with an iron hand of all I see.


Jedi Temple, Coruscant; 43-29 BBY.

Learned from many of the great Jedi Masters; beginning and intermediate Force manipulation; Light Saber defense and attack; meditation techniques; emotion control.

Private tutelage, Caius Aldacia, Dark Lord of the Sith; 29-25 BBY.

Learned advanced Force manipulation; harnessing emotions to increase Force strength as well as physical strength and speed. Perfected many advanced, dark-side techniques and skills such as Paralysis, Force Lightning, and Temporary Madness, among others.


29 through 25, Before the Battle of Yavin; Caius Aldacia, Dark Lord of the Sith.

Worked learning a trade as a gem cutter as a cover for being a Sith Apprentice. Gained experience as an assassin and spy as well as how to infiltrate and manipulate more powerful social circles to our advantage

25 through 24, BBY; Chancellor Palpatine, Dark Lord of the Sith.

Personally recruited by Chancellor Palpatine to hold the position of Left Hand of the Sith Lord. Worked closely with his advisor serving as her body guard; also performed assassinations as needed; learned to communicate with those that have passed on to be one with the Force.

24 through 23, BBY.

Currently working as an independent contractor.


Int. Light Saber Fighting
Force Lightning
Force Persuasion
Force Wound
Force Madness
Force Push
Force Stun
Mind Trick
Force Speed
Force Slow
Force Throw
Force Healing
Saber Throw
Mind Control
MS Windows XP /Vista
MS Office 2003 / 2007 for Windows
MS Office 2008 for Mac


  1. That is quite an extensive résumé.

  2. You have skills in Office for Mac and Windows... Most impressive.