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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rising to the Task

As Gyrobo and Koma talk amongst themselves, ignoring me, I find myself in the dream again, even though I'm awake. My sister Ariana is tormenting me with her telepathy and I am powerless to help her. No doubt she would give X a run for his money, I think briefly before another wave of projected images assault me...images of me in various humiliating positions, all public and all painful. Then there was the final straw:

And then I'd had enough. I scream in pure agony. I can take her bullying no more.

Energy courses through my body, crackling at my fingertips. It's as though I've suddenly been plugged into a power station...or a thunderstorm...or a small sun. I feel as though I am on fire.

Abruptly I realize that I am awake and the energy I feel coursing through me is no dream. I flare my hand and suddenly Gyrobo and Koma are both looking at me as tiny streaks of lightning arc prettily from my fingers.

They're staring, in fact. Shock. Awe.

"Oh great," Koma mutters, rolling his eyes. "Red Sonja's going postal on us."

"For the last time...I'm not Red Sonja!" I snapped. "Just because I stole one of her pictures up above and doctored it with paint before I found GIMP doesn't mean anything!"

Gyrobo is slowly inching away from Koma, as he is no doubt surmising that my ire is for Koma and Koma alone. "Hey Koma, I have a great idea...let's let her have another chance at being PM."

"What?! Are you kidding?" Koma asked, but then he looked at me again. "Uhm, yeah. I mean, sure. Why not?

"Good." I declare solemnly. "Now that's business. I think our obvious message ought to be selling paper. Buy Paper - It's our Friend... It's something Bennett will appreciate."

"You do know that he doesn't actually sell paper, right?" Koma asks.

I swat him lightly upside the head. "Don't be a dolt!"

Maybe I shouldn't have done that, for I forgot about the lightning. Koma's eyes go wide and he swoons, passing out prettily on the divan. "Oops."

"I like that idea," Gyrobo said. "And not just because you're as full of energy as a phoenix rising from its grave nor the fact that you just incapacitated our team mate."

"He'll be ok. I've shocked myself worse trying to repair my ship's warp drive. Seriously, do you have any idea how much power they put out?"

Even now, the little purple man was moaning.

"See? Now, since you a great story teller, why don't you start developing a plot about a man who sells paper...but doesn't."

"You mean kind of like..."

Suddenly he and I are aware of our audience...that is, all of you.

"Dammit," I mutter. "Now we'll have to come up with some other message."

"Why not do both?" Gyrobo suggests. "Make the paper message obvious...but insert a second more subtle message?"

"Hmmm...I like it! Increases our challenge." I look at my fingers, the lightning beginning to die down but not completely gone yet. "Well, that was unusual."

"My dear," interjects Professor X, eyeing my hot outfit, no pun intended. Honest. "You do know I run a school for mutants? I could help you train and harness that power to protect you from your sister."

"Uh-huh. No offense, I think I'd be better off learning on my own. But later. Gyro...pick up Koma and let's go find a more private spot."

Gyrobo lifts the moaning Koma over his shoulder, and follows after me.


  1. my dad doesnt actually sell paper?? im so confused!

    your so very photogenic! love it! <3

  2. that's just Koma's theory...

    and thank you!

    and thanks to Gyro for suggesting GIMP :)