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Monday, August 3, 2009

You're Fired: Number Four

Koma, Ciera and Logan sat nervously awaiting my decision.

"Koma!" Claire shouted. "Just fire him, like, already. Gah!"

"It wasn't at all my fault," the selfish purple-clad man whined. "My team failed me. They all failed me. Fire them. Fire The Haitian. Fire that pineapple. Fire anyone but me!"

"Ciera, should I fire Koma?" I asked.

"Sure," she replied quickly. "I think you should leave me in this, at least one more round. I can do better. I will do better."

I nodded thoughtfully and turned to Logan. "Should I fire Ciera?"

"I don't know," he responded. "I'm much better than I've been doing. You'll see."

I let a dramatic silence drop over the boardroom as I glanced over each of the three. There was still an important decision to be made. And it was time to make that decision.

"You know, all three of the members of Team One have been bringing their A game since the beginning," I explained. "They're down one person, but manage to do a lot with the little time and resources available. Victorious Secret needs some work. Hopefully, after this boardroom, things will improve, or they could easily pick you all off one by one."

Another dramatic silence.

Then, I continued, "I think you'll agree that you're performance has been lacking something. I know you can do better. I'm sure of it. I wish I could have seen it earlier. At this point, somebody has to be fired, and I can't very well give everyone a second chance. One of you has to go. And I think the other two fought a little harder to stick around. I'm really sorry to say this, but Logan, you're fired."

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  1. You're taking your life into your own hands, Bennet. You do know about the admantium claws, right?