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Friday, August 7, 2009

Meeting The Execs

I had at first thought to dress a little more conservatively to meet with the network execs, but when I heard the problems Koma was having with the team of writers and shooting the pilot, I decided to stick to my normal outfit.

It does get a bit chilly sometimes, especially when the AC is running full blast, as is the case in the office of head network executive Todd Bently. With him are three other nameless character, all looking like they've been cut from the same bolt of cloth. Literally.

Bently lowers the script he is reading, the original, not the one that's been hacked to pieces by two bit writers. "So what we have here, is a man torn between protecting his family and uncovering the truth."

"Plus lots of action and scandal to go along with it," I reply.

"Hmm, I see that. Hired guns. Daughter being seduced to the dark side, so to speak. It's a frustrated marriage, causing friction...tell me, Miss there going to be any sex in this series?"

"How could there not be when the very danger that they face reignites the passion between Nathan and his wife? Not to mention that Jessika is a young and beautiful doubt the evil Dingus seducing her to betray her father will involve some sort of sexcapade." I am beginning to feel a little nervous, but am trying not to show it.

"I see that you and your team have already started to go viral," he commented.

Not sure if that was a direct question, I answer anyways. "Yes. I take it you've seen our Paper Jam website that details the cast and characters?"

"It's very impressive. Especially since haven't approved the show yet, or even the pilot. One might even say risky."

"Risk is part of the business! And it shows how much we believe in the message of our show."

"Quite. The thing is...heroic fathers aren't much in demand at the moment. Better that we recast the wife as the hero, and the husband as a bumbling oaf who keeps tipping the hand to the assassin. We like the changeling daughter though."

"You can't change that!" I demand angrily. "That's the very reason why fathers are frowned upon and disregarded as useless these days. TV keeps casting them as oafs! It's time that someone changes this. This show, if you'll allow it to remain as is, will speak to nations as to the role of the father, his struggles between balancing family, work, and duty. You can start that change, if you're brave enough!

"We have plenty of fine sponsors chomping at the bit for this series to be given the green light. Not to mention we'll be using synthoids instead of real actors. Think of the money that would save! If you want that money to go to someone else, then fine...this meeting is over and I'll be on my way..." I stand with a flourish of my cape.

"Oh, sit Miss Ciera." Bently sighs. "It always comes down to the money, doesn't it?"

I sit back down, crossing my legs unladylike, hoping it's seen as provactive. "Do we have a deal? Koma's all set to film a three hour pilot using his synthoids."

"Three hours! That's outrageous!"

I sigh dramatically. "Fine, how does an hour and a half sound? That'll give you a whole half hour to devote to commercials."

"That's much better. All right, go ahead. You've got the green light. Send us the pilot and 12 more episodes...if you can sell it to the public, we'll talk about a second season."

Realizing that's as good as I'm going to get, I sign the paperwork.

"Tell me, how do the stars feel about not acting in the series, instead relying on these synthoids you mentioned?"

"We sold it to them as free publicity. I've even got my crew from last task starting fake blogsites, MySpace and facebook profiles. It keeps them out of trouble."

My cellphone rings and it's Koma. "Don't tell them that there's a fire...please...but get down here now!" he all but yells in my ear.

Bently chuckles. "Maybe you should have set him to writing those fake profiles instead."

"Maybe. If you'll excuse me."

He's still laughing as I leave.


  1. Fire????

    Oh that fire, no need to worry the fur is all synthetic it burns too quickly to cause a problem.

  2. like, this sounds really neat! id totally greenlight this. the daughter character sounds really intriguing!

  3. I think Ciera has a bit of camel toe. Not that I was looking or anything.