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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fifth Boardroom

"That was a close one," I said, "but you guys lost. Barely. But you lost. YouTube cats...probably seems so obvious now."

"Those cats were great," The Haitian added.

"Oh, my god! So cute!" exclaimed Claire.

"Your team," I looked at The Boss, Ciera, "didn't have YouTube cats. Why not?"

"We're dog people," she answered.

"I see." I looked over at Gyrobo, with his silly little grin on his robotic face. "You look happy. Probably with good reason. You made the website, right? It was great. Excellent."

"It was very good," The Haitian added.

"Oh, my god! So cute!" exclaimed Claire.

"The website was ingenious. The TV show was great, too. Paper Jam. I love it. I'd watch it." I leaned onto the board table and let a pause pass while I adjusted into serious criticism mode. "But filming the pilot, that was a bit of a mess, wasn't it? Drunk, sex-offending Muppets? Was that the best you could come up with?"

"They were not great," The Haitian added.

"Oh, my god! So lame!" exclaimed Claire.

I continued, "To be honest with you, it looks like it's between Ciera and Koma. Gyrobo, has really been a superstar during all this. Hasn't he? I think you'd agree that he's been a superstar. I'm not sure which one of you to fire, though. Koma, you're still falling a bit flat, but the graphic design work for the last task was great. Ciera, though, you have really been stepping up since about two tasks ago. Very good performances. The other team is just doing slightly better. So, I gotta see what you have to say."

The three sat there silently. Gyrobo continued grinning.

I fired off questions. "Who would you fire? Why should I keep you? Why should I fire Koma? Why should I fire Ciera? Do you really want to stay in this? Do you have what it takes? Who has a better shot at going up against Team One?"


  1. you're kidding????


    freaking cats on you tube!

    i gave you suicidal writers and psycopathic muppets.

    Thats it I don't care what you decide there's nothing I can do to make you happy. Here's my judgement on you three.

    The Haitan - Lame

    Claire - no brains

    Bannet - What haven't I said to ridicule your tastes.

    You're all bad as each other. Its almost as if you're the same person.

  2. it doesn't really matter who you're already slanted towards the other team anyway so eventually all three of us are going to go.

    flip a coin - I pick tails. draw straws.

    and by the way, yes, I am a dog person

  3. This Magic 8 Ball is giving me mixed messages.